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National Health Environment And Alternative Medicine Education Council

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National Health Environment And Alternative Medicine Education Council

We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child's success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.

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National Health| A place To Learn And Grow Together

We at National Healths think that, Providing education to children is one of the noblest things to do. Having well-disciplined students and growing them to be responsible adults is an essential job. And while educational institutions around the country keep increasing in numbers of students, there have stood out to be many educational institutions that have lasted for more than couple of years. National Healths is straight forward towards his education system and maintain the diginity of the educational rights. National Healths have years of experience in the educational sector and in giving the quality education to the students. 


Dear Students,

The Institute would provide Health care and Primary Health care Educational training to make the services possible and materialize the policies of National and State governments.

NATIONAL HEALTH ENVIRONMENT AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE EDUCATION COUNCIL To be the leader in the development of industry oriented quality education and training and be the premier Institution for examination and certification in the field of Alternative Medicine.

We want To be the single source for quality assurance in literacy And employability education among the nation’s non-formal institutes, After turning out competent literacy And employability in large numbers, National Healths reach is now being extended to all regions of the all country as well as overseas.

Our objective is to extend education & training for Paramedical Allied Courses to make Indian youth self-dependent with high status and dignity.

Providing knowledge of “Health Education” with a criterion and view for serving people and considerably being blessed by National and State authorities for its social outlook.

we provide Undergraduate courses and Master diploma courses with Theoretical and Practical knowledege. We provide Internship programs that would provide good knowledge.



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